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Have a look around today, or tomorrow, whenever you get to it. Welcome to Snailblazer.

creative director Snailblazer

art director - freelance /available

comedian - Spotify, Comedy Bar, Free Times, Nothing Fancy

artist - Aug Exhibit 2024 "Dirty Laundry" Gallery 

3D micro-impressionist - Spotify, Comedy Bar, Free Times, Nothing Fancy

A multi-talented creative with a diverse background in advertising, contemporary art, comedy, and experimental music. With a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums, they bring a unique perspective to every project they undertake.


Starting their career in advertising, jason honed their skills in visual communication, and creative problem-solving. Over the years, they've worked with various clients and agencies, mastering the art of captivating audiences through compelling visuals and messages.


Their journey into comedy began as another outlet to create, has evolved into eight years of jason delighting very small audiences on open mics and comedy bars across t.o., their 3D micro impressionions and sharp wit, thoughts, and ability to find hilarity in the mundane aspects of everyday life.


Now, jason is eagerly seeking freelance projects that allow them to continue exploring their creativity across various mediums. Whether it's developing eye-catching ad campaigns, crafting comedic content, or experimenting with avant-garde music, they are always ready to collaborate and bring fresh ideas to the table.

jason wren


2023 Bell Media Bravo Winner

Bringing Virgin Plus to Canada

Boston Garden OOH Silver NYF Award Winner

Boston Garden Zamboni 

ADCC OOH Silver, you always remember your first award.

Spam, the Good kind

Awarded: Webbie, W3, Cannes ( Shortlist ) Echos, ADCC and more.

Banking & not Stealing

Using Nicorette Quit Data SMS Quit Assist Bot.

Early Days A.I. - SMS Quit Bot

Go Blue Jays Go. Quick Sponsor Response MNP. MVP.

Home Runs to Feeds


Sound textures and electronica

Coming Aug 2024

Stand Up Comedy 

Commissions and Enquiries

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